Thursday, October 22, 2015

10/19/2015 No Photos :-(

This week was great. It was a week of just pure missionary work. No extra meetings, no exchanges just proselyting. It was awesome.  Also, I love Hermana Quezada. She is an incredible sister.  I love Dominican culture.

Yesterday we spent all afternoon with the new branch president and his wife and visited people. They are incredible. I realized how quickly we have gotten to know Monte Plata, and I love it here.
This morning I had a really cool study about covenants. Specifically how the covenants we make to the Lord can help us in our service to Him. I was thinking about obedience. Sometimes we obey because we fear the consequence or we want blessings. It is better to obey because we love whom we serve. I thought about the love that has grown for my parents since I have been on my mission and how much I desire to serve them. I am striving to develop that type of love for my Heavenly Father--obey not because I believe it is my duty, but simply because I love Him. I do love Him and His work and His children.
Hermana Hansen

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