Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hot! Hot! Hot!

This week has been HOT!!!!! Every one said it would cool down in October. They lied =) But besides that it was a pretty great week. The mission is never easy but I am so blessed. One of the things I love most about being a missionary is watching people take steps of faith. I love it when I teach a principle (really the Spirit teaches it), and then despite their fear or lack of knowledge they follow it and then watch miracles happen in their lives.

The DR doesn’t have a Halloween equivalent but I get 4 months of Christmas! Yayyy!!!! One of the families in the branch said her kids want to celebrate Halloween because they see it on TV, so I think we are going to carve watermelons with them and a friend of theirs tonight. 

Transfers are next week. It’ll be interesting to see what happens. 

I am very blessed. I love you guys soooo much!!!

Hermana Hansen

The Dominican Republic has this wonderful invention called colmados. They're like little corner stores with all the basic needs and they're open usually from 7 to 10, perfect for
missionary hours! The best thing is that every neighborhood has at least 4 and most deliver. For free!!! the US really needs colmados. Anytime we need something and we don't want to go to the store we just call the local colmado. I love this picture. If you look closely the receipt says Mormonas

Soy guatelmateca =) I love this dress! Hermana Flores lets me borrow it!

 My Sister Missionary tan-lines. So cute =)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hey all!!!

It’s Christmas here in San Pedro. Everyone told me Christmas was from October to January in the DR but I didn’t believe them...until now. We sang Christmas songs in church yesterday and everyone is putting up their Christmas lights, trees and decorations! Scrooges don’t exist here! 

This week the branch had a karaoke activity. Dominicans don’t get embarrassed either! I LOVE IT!!!! It was awesome.

I had an amazing week. We are finding a lot of really cool people to teach. Last night we taught a really special man. We found him a couple of weeks ago when we were contacting his boss. We taught him for the first time yesterday and he understood everything so fast.

I’m really learning a lot about following the Spirit. These past two weeks we have found two miracle investigators because we followed promptings from the Spirit to stop and talk to certain people. The people we talked to weren't the miracles but rather friends who approached us afterwards. 

The Holy Ghost is real! He testifies of truth.

Love you guys! 

Hermana Hansen

A Little Piece of Americana in San Pedro
Hermana Hansen de Illinois, Hermana Flores de Guatemala,
Hermana Valle de Colombia, Hermana Meldrum de Utah

Monday, October 13, 2014

Hey Everyone!!!

Another great week in San Pedro!! The work here is growing and we are finding a lot of really incredible people to teach. 

My time to email is almost out and my computer isn’t working to send pictures. BUT I love you all and hope you had a great week. 

Spiritual thought

I was reading in Alma 7 this week. I love this chapter. Its description of the atonement--Christ’s sacrifice, is absolutely beautiful. The verses after the part about the atonement really hit home to me. They explain that Christ has given us a gift that makes it possible for all of us to return home to Him and our Heavenly Father and live with our families forever BUT we have to act! We have to follow the commandments and repent. When we do, we have the promise of eternal life. We can trust in that promise. 

Thanks for all of your prayers, love and support.


Hermana Hansen

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Lots of Photos!!

Saludos a todos!!!

Por fin! I found an internet center to send my pictures. Enjoy!  Unfortunately, I spent all my internet time sending pictures so this will be short. 

General Conference was amazing! The speakers were inspired. Thomas S. Monson truly is a prophet of God. I got to listen to some of the sessions in English with some other American missionaries and others in Spanish. It was really cool to hear it in both. I love General conference. It is always so uplifting. Now I am going to make goals and do my best to put into practice the things I learned.

I think my favorite talk was by Elder Bednar. He really put so perfectly into words why I am here on my mission. When you find something that healed you when you were hurting, you can’t help but share it. That is why I am a missionary. Because the atonement of Jesus Christ has healed me over and over again, and now I have a deep desire to share the message of the atonement with everyone I meet. 

I love San Pedro. It is so different from Villa Mella. I love them both. San Pedro is really chill and a lot quieter. I’m really close to the ocean but I can’t see it from my area. But I pass the ocean the whole time anytime we have to travel to and from the office. 

The main thing I’ve learned this transfer is exact obedience. God expects us to follow His commandments--all of them.  When we do, we are blessed by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. When we follow and obey the guide of the Holy Spirit we will watch miracles unfold in our lives.  I know that is true because I watch it happen in my life. 


Hermana Hansen

Our Bishop's Daughter, Kimberly

Bishop Wascar Diaz, Sister Ruth Diaz & Family

Our Relief Society President, Diyanera with Arielis

Our Young Women's President, Paula Hernandez

Familia Garo, Teresa & Paula
(Paula would always go with us to teach Jerri)

Me & Hermana Morales
with Investigators Jerri & Pascar from Haiti

New Convert, Fernanda Cuesvas

New Convert, Juana

New Converts, Risa & Esperanza

At the Temple with Hermana Morales

Hermanas Hansen, Hansen & Morales

Me & Hermana Barrington

My Apartment Mates in Front of the Villa Mella Chapel
Me, Hermanas Romero, Morales & Jacobs

Hermanas Romero, Jacobs, Hansen & Morales

 Our District, 2nd Transfer in Villa Mella

Our Zone

Me & Hermana Muldrum in Our Dominican PJs!

I Found a Cartoon of Sister Missionaries
The Blond Looks Like Me!