Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lots of Rain!


How is everyone? I am fabulous! It has been raining for pretty much 3 days straight, but that is okay with me. Finally a break from the heat!

This was a great week. Hermana Morales and I are working really hard, and are finding lots of people to teach. I am so blessed to get a "front row seat" to watch people come to know their Savior, and be changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. There really isn't anything any better. 

This week I learned a lesson about agency. Agency is a gift from God. We have the right to choose how we will live, and if we will follow the Savior's example. Sometimes it is hard as a missionary as you watch those you love and serve make decisions that you know aren't going to bring them happiness. But I know agency is part of God's plan. Without it we would never grow because we would never know the difference between good and evil, and therefore we would never progress and become better. I am here to invite, and do all I can to help others come unto Christ.  After I have done that, I have fulfilled my purpose as a missionary. Each day I try to use my agency to bless others and become more like my Savior. 

I can’t believe Collin is coming home!!! AHHH!!! I love you bro! 

Thank you for all of your love and prayers 



Me & Hermana Morales

Hermanas Romero, Hansen, Jacobs & Morales

Monday, August 18, 2014

So Much Spanish!

Saludo a todos!

Wow this was a really great week. I love my new companion, Hermana Morales. She's from Guatemala and she's amazing. This is her last transfer in the mission and she is such a wonderful example. She knows how to teach the doctrine so simply and lovingly.  She is obedient, works hard, and has a great laugh. I'm blessed to have her as my companion. I wish she wasn't going home in a few weeks. 

I'm speaking Spanish just about 24-7, except when I'm in the house I occasionally talk to Hermana Jacobs, Hermana Romeros new companion, in English. It's hard sometimes when I don't know how to express myself in Spanish, but I'm grateful for the opportunity. I'm learning a lot. I'm able to understand most everything Hermana Morales says. Guatemalans speak a lot more slowly and clearly than Dominicans. Thank goodness. But sometimes I just have to say, "Sorry Hermana Morales, I don't understand." She's really patient. 

Our area is progressing a lot! I feel so blessed to be teaching the people I am teaching. We had a lesson this past week with two investigators named Pascar and Jerri. They are neighbors and they are from Haiti. There were four languages going on in that lesson. Jerri would ask Pascar a question in french-creole. Then if he couldn't express himself in Spanish he would try to explain it to me in English. But even though there is a slight language barrier they have a strong desire to learn and are really progressing in the gospel. Wow, I love being a missionary. Each and every week I get to see the people I teach come closer to Christ. And you really can see it. As they learn more about Christ and make changes in their lives you really see a change in their countenance. This is truly the Lords work . 

As I was studying yesterday, I ran across a conference talk by Sister Jean A Stevens. It is called ¨Fear Not for I am With Thee¨ from the April 2014 Conference.  It basically put my testimony exactly into words. If you want to know what I have learned on my mission so far I encourage you to read it. I know God lives and that He is aware of us and hears and answers our prayers. And I know that through our faith and the grace of God each and everyone of us can be HEALED by the Atonement of Jesus Christ. No matter the trial, pain, heartache, anxiety, or sin. We are never forgotten. No matter how small we may feel in this big world our God is consious of our situation. He WILL help us, but in His time and in His way. And His way is the way that will lead us to progressing to become like Him! How great is our God!

I love you all! Sorry for the lack of pictures, this computer won't upload them.

Hermana Hansen

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Best Week Yet!

Saludo a todos! 

This was for sure the best week so far in my mission! enserio!

We found so many people to teach, and they had such a desire to learn. One of our investigators, Pascar, has a cousin visiting from Haiti. She is a member and is sharing the gospel with, I swear, all of the Hatian community in Villa Mella. She came with 4 friends to church. She doesn’t speak Spanish, but all of her friends do. I don’t want her to go home. She is helping the work progress so much. This week has proven to me how, with faith, the Lord will move His work forward.

I don’t have tons of time to write. My companion/trainer is getting transferred to a new area. I’ll be sad to say goodbye to Hermana Hansen. I won’t know how to start conversations without people asking me and my companion if we are family. I’ll probably introduce myself as Hermana Hansen Tambien for a week. My new companion/trainer is from Guatemala. I’ll meet her tomorrow. I’ll be speaking Spanish all day every day. I’m nervous, but I’m excited. I know she’ll help me progress a lot. I’ve heard she’s a fabulous missionary.

I am grateful for all of your love and prayers. 

God lives. I see Him working in my life and in the lives of those I serve each and every day. I love you all like crazy. 

Hermana Hansen

Crazy Storm

Our District

Service Project. We cut down a field of grass with machetes! 4.5 hours, but we had a good time. I really love that family.

Monday, August 4, 2014

I Have Pictures!

Woohoo! I love being a missionary!

It was a crazy week. I don’t even know where to begin. 
First of all, I got to see a baptism! It wasn’t an investigator from my area, but it was an awesome kid named Brian. He is best friends with a member of our ward, so I have gotten to teach him a couple of times and be a part of his conversion process. He has a strong testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Watching him enter the covenant of baptism was such a blessing. This really is the Lords work. I am amazed all the time that I have been blessed to participate in it. 

We have a new investigator this week. Her name is Pascar. She is from Haiti, but has lived in the DR for three years, so her Spanish is really good. Her cousin from Haiti is visiting her (she doesn’t speak any Spanish), but she is a member of our church, so she is really helpful when teaching Pascar. I don’t understand what she is saying (I wish I could speak Creole), but I can tell when she speaks that she has a strong testimony.  Most of Pascar’s family in Haiti are members of our church. She’s really interested in learning more. Sometimes we have a language barrier, but that’s okay because I know the Holy Ghost can testify of truth. She and her cousin came to Brian’s baptism with us. I think she really enjoyed it. 

We are also teaching a new family. I love teaching families. The mom's name is Rosaidis and the Dad is Camilo. They have 3 little kids. We taught them about the Book of Mormon this week. The spirit was strong. At the end of the lesson we knelt to pray. I asked Camilo to offer the prayer. With some hesitation he did! He prayed to know if the Book of Mormon is true. I know if he keeps praying and reading, he will receive an answer. God will always answer our prayers, in His own time, and in His own magnificent way. 

We had a lot of other amazing lessons this week. The Spirit was strong. I love the people here. We have one investigator that insists we call her Mommy. She always says we are like her family. In the DR everyone treats you like family :)

Well, I have to go.  I love you, I love the work, and I love the people I am serving. Thank you for your prayers. They give me strength.

God lives and He loves us. More than anything, I try and teach my investigators: Dios nos ama! I don’t feel a lesson is complete without saying that. Remember that always. 

Con Amor,

Hermana Hansen

Riding Bikes on Pday

Brian's Baptism

A Day by the Beach

Las Hermanas

A Cool Bridge


Found this smashed critter in the freezer!

Found this Tarantula while I was walking down the street!

Our Bishop & his wife taught us how to make Fried Yucca, YUM