Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hey all!!!

It’s Christmas here in San Pedro. Everyone told me Christmas was from October to January in the DR but I didn’t believe them...until now. We sang Christmas songs in church yesterday and everyone is putting up their Christmas lights, trees and decorations! Scrooges don’t exist here! 

This week the branch had a karaoke activity. Dominicans don’t get embarrassed either! I LOVE IT!!!! It was awesome.

I had an amazing week. We are finding a lot of really cool people to teach. Last night we taught a really special man. We found him a couple of weeks ago when we were contacting his boss. We taught him for the first time yesterday and he understood everything so fast.

I’m really learning a lot about following the Spirit. These past two weeks we have found two miracle investigators because we followed promptings from the Spirit to stop and talk to certain people. The people we talked to weren't the miracles but rather friends who approached us afterwards. 

The Holy Ghost is real! He testifies of truth.

Love you guys! 

Hermana Hansen

A Little Piece of Americana in San Pedro
Hermana Hansen de Illinois, Hermana Flores de Guatemala,
Hermana Valle de Colombia, Hermana Meldrum de Utah

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