Tuesday, June 9, 2015

6/8/2015 Beautiful Day =)

THIS WEEK WAS SO HOT. It may have won for the hottest week of my mission. And there wasn’t even any rain. 

But that’s ok because it was also a really amazing week. Danilo was baptized. He was so happy and ready. His son, Freddy was able to baptize him. There was a great turn out for the baptism. Freddy was able to share his testimony before he baptized his father. Freddy was baptized as a teenager with his twin brother, Alfredo. They both served missions. Freddy has been home from his mission for 7 years now and says that he has continually prayed that his father would follow Christ and be baptized. He shared that he knows that God hears and answers prayers. After Danilo was baptized, Danilo shared his testimony. He said that before he started going to church and learning about Christ he was in the world and unhappy, but now he has found great happiness and peace. 

Here is a little bit of Danilo’s story. 3 months ago he moved in with his son. His son invited him to church every week, but each week he had work. Freddy continued to pray that he would be able to come to church. One day Danilo got home and told Freddy he gotten his day off changed from Sunday. That Sunday they went to church together and Danilo hasn’t looked back since. The first Sunday Hermana Fife and I got to the ward, Freddy asked us to visit his dad. Ever since we started teaching him he has kept every commitment we left with him. And he has truly repented, changed his life, and followed Christ. 

There is a quote by Joseph Smith when he baptized his father. I think of Freddy and Danilo when I read it. It truly was a glorious day. 

"When Mr. Smith came out of the water, Joseph stood upon the shore, and taking his father by the hand, he exclaimed, with tears of joy, 'Praise to my God! That I have lived to see my own father baptized into the true Church of Jesus Christ!'"

The Spirit was strong in the baptismal service. The gospel of Jesus Christ truly does unite and bless families. I feel extremely blessed and privileged to have been one of the servants God chose to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ into Danilo’s life. 

I love you all so much! I know that my Savior lives! He is at the head of this glorious work!


Hermana Hansen

Danilo & his son Freddy

Danilo & his son Freddy and their neighbors
they always bring to church

Danilo & Freddy

Danilo, Freddy Hermana Fife & Me--Happy Day!!

Happy Birthday to Hermana Valdez. We spent all
week looking for guanabana and guayabana (see below) for Hermana Valdez's birthday, its her  favorite!
Just in time we found out the Stake president had a
guayabana tree and his wife, Hermana de la Cruz, helped us knock some down. A little birthday miracle =)

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