Wednesday, July 8, 2015


This week was great! We are continuing to work with lots of families and I’m loving it!

Danilo continues to amaze me. He has received the Melchizedek Priesthood. He tells us each time he sees us his desire to follow Christ forever and always. His employers offered to pay him double to work on Sunday but he told them, “No. That’s the day I go to church.”  He also brings us mangoes all the time which I love. 

Janera has finished the Book of Mormon! That’s been just about a month!

So I had a funny experience the other day. We were out walking to meet up with a member. We came to a dip in the semi-dirt road that had turned into a giant puddle. I stepped on a part I thought was firm. The mud literally ate my shoe! Hermana Fife, being the great companion she is, dug my shoe out of the mud. But now I had thick gray clay mud up to both my ankles. I looked at my feet not sure what we were going to do because we were far from the house. An old couple yells to us across the street. They brought out buckets of soap and water so that I could wash off my feet. The Dominican people are so kind and loving. We have an appointment with the couple for this week!

I love you all! Have a great week! 


Hermana Hansen

Dominican Dominoes

A Guagua Bus

Me & Hermana Fife on a main street by our apartment

The sisters of Las Americas
minus Hermanas Greenstreet and Valdez 

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