Monday, July 7, 2014

Just another week in paradise :)


First off I got the package mom. Thanks a million :) I was so excited to get it! And thank you Olivia for your contribution. The candy was much needed and I love the pictures.  Also you remembered my favorite pencils :) Oh and thanks Collin for the Book of Mormon. I love it so very much.

Anyways this week was pretty great! Happy 4th of the July, by the way. We have 3 Americanas in our apartment. So we made an American feast which consisted of hamburgers, fries, watermelon, and s’mores. We also wore red white and blue. 

Funny story, Hermana Hansen and I walked into a Colmado on the 4th of July to buy some ingredients for our American dinner. The guy at the counter was wearing a shirt with an American flag. I asked him if he knew it was Independence Day in America. He gave me a response like yea of course I do. So I told him I liked his shirt. He then gave me a really confused look until he looked down and realized he was wearing an American flag. Haha. Then we invited him to church and our English class. I love being a missionary in the Dominican Republic. 

Speaking of English class, I love it. The kids are adorable and so excited to learn. This week I taught them the "head, shoulders, knees, and toes" song. They loved it, and then they taught me how to sing it in Spanish. They had a good laugh :)

I really feel like my Spanish is coming! That is some days :)  Other days the words just don’t want to come out of my mouth! But I am trying to be patient. I feel like I’m getting this Spanish thing down. Next step, Dominican :)

Today for P-day we had a zone activity. We played futbol and had a water balloon fight. Playing soccer with Latinos is exciting. I’m not bad at soccer, but man they put me to shame. We finished it off with Dominican chicken and yuca. Yum!

We have some really amazing investigators right now. The girl I talked about last week is continuing to progress. She loves reading the Book of Mormon. I am so impressed by her faith. Plus she knows perfect English, so it’s a lot easier for me to teach her, but I try my best to teach in Spanish. 

We started teaching a really amazing family this week. We had made an appointment with their son who attends our advanced English class, but he wasn’t home. The mom invited us in, and she just started asking questions about our lives as missionaries and our church. We had a really powerful lesson about the Book of Mormon. She seems eager to learn and I’m excited to continue to teach this family. They are a very loving family who is seeking to do God’s will. I know that the gospel can bless their lives. I feel humbled to have the privilege to share it with them.  

I love you guys. I am so blessed with such wonderful family and friends in my life. And I am so blessed to be here. This week my testimony of prayer has grown a lot. I know that God literally hears each and every one of our prayers individually.  When I pray, He is listening. Isn’t that amazing? I know that He answers my prayers. It never seems to be in the way I expect, but He does answer.  Usually it’s as simple as an assurance that He is there and listening, through something I read or something I see.  Life is hard sometimes. The mission is hard, but I find comfort in the fact that there is a God above who is watching out for me, who wants the best for me, and if I listen to and follow His will He will never allow me to go astray. I encourage all of you to say a prayer of gratitude tonight to your Heavenly Father. I testify to you from the bottom of my heart that He will be listening. 

I love you guys! As always keep those letters coming.


Hermana Hansen, Carriebelle, Carrie, Caroline, Sissiewissie, Rubia (or whatever you would like to call me).

Me and some of the other Santo Domingo East Hermanas

View from my Apartment

Our July 4th Feast with Chinola (Passion Fruit) Juice


Making Smores :)

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