Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Woohoo Dominican Republic

Saludo Familia y Amigos!!
It’s been another crazy week here in Villa Mella. Actually, Villa Mella is my zone. Maranon is my area. Look it up on google maps. It’s pretty awesome :) The city is so diverse. Parts of city are wealthy, but in other parts of the city, people live in very humble circumstances. Despite their circumstances, they are the most giving and loving people I have ever met. Recently, the ward had a food drive. I watched members who I know have nothing, bring things to the food drive. The people who I am serving understand the principle of service. I am grateful for their examples. 
This was a hard week.  We didn't have loads of "success."  We are working really hard to find people to teach. The thing about the Dominican Republic is that just about anyone will let you in to hear a message about Christ. We are really trying hard to find those who want to do more than just listen, and find those who want to act. There was a lot of walking, a lot of heat, and a lot of appointments that fell through.
Even though the week was hard, I saw the hand of the Lord in the work over and over again. One day this Lady (Antonia) called me over so that she could see what my plaque said. She then started asking me to tell her about the prophet Moroni. I told her about how we believed in the Bible, but we also believed another book, The Book of Mormon, to be the word of God. I explained how Moroni was a prophet in that book. She told me she would like to read The Book of Mormon. I was like OK!!! :) The next day we brought one by her work. We haven’t been able to teach her yet, but she saw us on the street and told us she had started reading. This was just one example of how I have seen God put those ready for the gospel in our path this week.
I know there are those who have been prepared for the message of the restored gospel. My job is to live in such a way that I will have the Spirit with me, and then follow it's guidance to find and teach those who are ready for His message. I am also learning how to measure success. Success as a missionary is not how many people you baptize. Success as a missionary is measured by how well you conform your will to God’s will. I am trying each day to get a little bit closer to having my will be the same as His. 
I bear testimony that God lives. Cuando estamos orando Dios siempre esta escuchando. He hears and answers our prayers. I have learned on my mission that faith and prayers bring miracles. I testify that when we have faith first, we WILL see miracles in our lives. I was talking to a man on the street yesterday. He looked me in the eyes and told me God does not hear everyone’s prayers. I tried to share with him what I feel in my heart, that I know God DOES hear our prayers. I am grateful for the knowledge I have. I invite all of you to pray every morning and every night with faith. Then watch carefully. As you are diligent and patient, you will see the hand of God in your life. I see His in mine every day.  I love you guys so much! I am grateful for your prayers and examples. 
I have to go now. Sorry again for the lack of pictures. Another internet center that doesn’t like my camera ;( 
Have a great week and send me a letter! That’s an order! hehe 
Con demasiado amor, 
Hermana Hansen
aka Rubia
aka Mormona
aka Americana
aka Paga por mi visa
aka Carrie

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