Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Best Week Yet!

Saludo a todos! 

This was for sure the best week so far in my mission! enserio!

We found so many people to teach, and they had such a desire to learn. One of our investigators, Pascar, has a cousin visiting from Haiti. She is a member and is sharing the gospel with, I swear, all of the Hatian community in Villa Mella. She came with 4 friends to church. She doesn’t speak Spanish, but all of her friends do. I don’t want her to go home. She is helping the work progress so much. This week has proven to me how, with faith, the Lord will move His work forward.

I don’t have tons of time to write. My companion/trainer is getting transferred to a new area. I’ll be sad to say goodbye to Hermana Hansen. I won’t know how to start conversations without people asking me and my companion if we are family. I’ll probably introduce myself as Hermana Hansen Tambien for a week. My new companion/trainer is from Guatemala. I’ll meet her tomorrow. I’ll be speaking Spanish all day every day. I’m nervous, but I’m excited. I know she’ll help me progress a lot. I’ve heard she’s a fabulous missionary.

I am grateful for all of your love and prayers. 

God lives. I see Him working in my life and in the lives of those I serve each and every day. I love you all like crazy. 

Hermana Hansen

Crazy Storm

Our District

Service Project. We cut down a field of grass with machetes! 4.5 hours, but we had a good time. I really love that family.

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