Monday, August 4, 2014

I Have Pictures!

Woohoo! I love being a missionary!

It was a crazy week. I don’t even know where to begin. 
First of all, I got to see a baptism! It wasn’t an investigator from my area, but it was an awesome kid named Brian. He is best friends with a member of our ward, so I have gotten to teach him a couple of times and be a part of his conversion process. He has a strong testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Watching him enter the covenant of baptism was such a blessing. This really is the Lords work. I am amazed all the time that I have been blessed to participate in it. 

We have a new investigator this week. Her name is Pascar. She is from Haiti, but has lived in the DR for three years, so her Spanish is really good. Her cousin from Haiti is visiting her (she doesn’t speak any Spanish), but she is a member of our church, so she is really helpful when teaching Pascar. I don’t understand what she is saying (I wish I could speak Creole), but I can tell when she speaks that she has a strong testimony.  Most of Pascar’s family in Haiti are members of our church. She’s really interested in learning more. Sometimes we have a language barrier, but that’s okay because I know the Holy Ghost can testify of truth. She and her cousin came to Brian’s baptism with us. I think she really enjoyed it. 

We are also teaching a new family. I love teaching families. The mom's name is Rosaidis and the Dad is Camilo. They have 3 little kids. We taught them about the Book of Mormon this week. The spirit was strong. At the end of the lesson we knelt to pray. I asked Camilo to offer the prayer. With some hesitation he did! He prayed to know if the Book of Mormon is true. I know if he keeps praying and reading, he will receive an answer. God will always answer our prayers, in His own time, and in His own magnificent way. 

We had a lot of other amazing lessons this week. The Spirit was strong. I love the people here. We have one investigator that insists we call her Mommy. She always says we are like her family. In the DR everyone treats you like family :)

Well, I have to go.  I love you, I love the work, and I love the people I am serving. Thank you for your prayers. They give me strength.

God lives and He loves us. More than anything, I try and teach my investigators: Dios nos ama! I don’t feel a lesson is complete without saying that. Remember that always. 

Con Amor,

Hermana Hansen

Riding Bikes on Pday

Brian's Baptism

A Day by the Beach

Las Hermanas

A Cool Bridge


Found this smashed critter in the freezer!

Found this Tarantula while I was walking down the street!

Our Bishop & his wife taught us how to make Fried Yucca, YUM

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