Sunday, December 14, 2014

Happy Day!

This was an amazing week. Jhoan got baptized!!

His baptismal service was absolutely beautiful. He was so happy and excited. He brought his family and his coworker from the capital who introduced him to the church, along with her family and other friends he has from the capital. A lot of the other young adults came to support him too. It really was a beautiful service.

He asked me to share my testimony, and I felt blessed to be able to share my testimony again before he was baptized. Our ward mission leader, Chester, baptized him. I know Jhoan came out of the water a new man. Because he had faith in Christ and repented, baptism freed him from sin. He was so happy, he was really speechless. He shared his testimony in the form of a poem to us after he was baptized. His faith in Christ and his desire to follow God's commandments never ceases to amaze me. On Sunday he was confirmed and received the gift of the Holy Ghost.

I am so blessed to be here. I cannot put it into words. I often think of the scripture in Alma 26:16, where Ammon cannot adequately express his feelings. There is nothing better than helping people come unto Christ. This is the Lord's work. 

Sunday afternoon we went to teach Jhoan. We talked about what it means to endure to the end. We ended up talking about how enduring to the end has a lot to do with following the spirit and sharing with others the joy of the gospel that we have already received. Jhoan shared with us D&C 18 where it talks about the joy we receive when we bring souls unto Christ. Jhoan gets it!

Once we have received the gospel of Jesus Christ the next step is to share it so that others can partake of the joy it brings! (Luke 22:32) Wow. When he read that scripture I started to ask him what he thought it meant but he asked me to share what it means. Haha the tables were turned. 

I love you guys so much! Hope you received all my photos. I sent a ton!!

Hermana Hansen

Baptism Day Selfie

Me & Hermana Greenstreet

 Jhoans Baptism & Confirmation

Pday at the Beach

Estrellas Baseball Caps
(they are the baseball team in San Pedro)

I love Hermana Flores

Me & Hermana Greenstreet

One of the many stray dogs in the DR

Transfer Day 


Hermana Vargas teaching us how to make pera pina. YUMMMMM best juice ever!

Even Elsa can't stop this heat!
Me and Hermana Fox having fun

Te quiero loca

Our Thanksgiving Feast

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