Tuesday, March 3, 2015

2/23/2015 What a special week =)

First off Pablo. Wow this man is amazing. I often think back to where he started. When we first met Pablo he was really, really struggling both physically and spiritually. He had just recently been in an awful accident and had a lot of pain in his leg. He had been out of work for about a month because of the injury. But more than that, he was spiritually aching. He wasn't sure if God even existed. We couldn't share with him without him weeping.

The change I have seen in him has been incredible. This man is sooo happy now. He has gone from depressed and heartbroken to happy all the time with a new light in his eyes. When we first started teaching him it was really hard for him to understand the gospel but now he has such a firm testimony. He knows the Book of Mormon is true, that God answers prayer and that God lives.

The gospel changes lives. The atonement of Jesus Christ heals the broken hearted. I know that anyone who comes unto Christ will find purpose, peace and eternal life. 

I also learned about sacrifice this morning. When we sacrifice for the Lord it really isn’t a sacrifice at all. Because when we give to Him, he always blesses us infinitely more. Giving our will to the Lord is never a burden and always a blessing. 

Love you lots! 

Hermana Hansen

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