Tuesday, March 10, 2015

3/9/2015 My Dominican Paradise

So this week has been a little crazy. This was Hermana Hilbun’s last week in the mission so it’s been a lot of long bumpy bus rides to the capital for meetings and such. I’m going to be staying in La Romana and my new companion, Hermana Given will be coming. I believe she is from Colarado. I am super, super sad to say goodbye to Hermana Hilbun. She was one of my favorite companions and is an incredible missionary but I am excited to work with Hermana Given. 

This week was really great. We faced a lot of opposition, BUT every day we saw small and simple blessings from the Lord. We really saw the hand of the Lord this week. The Lord truly does bless His missionaries and all those who follow Him. 

I know the atonement is real. Jesus Christ took upon Himself all of our pains, all of our worries and all of our sins. As we turn our will over to Him we are blessed. He changes our hearts, and gives us power to fulfill His purposes. As I have tried my best to turn over my will to the Lord and accept His this week I truly have felt a difference. I feel the Spirit, more abundantly and feel my love for Him and my fellow man and my testimony growing. 

I love you all and am so grateful for your support, love, and prayers! Have a great week!!!


Hermana Hansen

Left to Right:  Hermano Francisco (ward missionary, He's going to Braydon's mission in May!) Hermano Ozoria (ward mission leader) Me!, and Hermana Hilbun (my amazing companion)

Left to Right:  Hermano Francisco, Hermano Ozoria, Obispo(Bishop),
Familia Hermano Santos (counselor in bishopric),
Hermano Saturnillo (ward secretary), Me & Hermana Hilbun

Me!, Hermano Ozoria, Hermana Hilbun, and
Jhonathan (ward missionary and Hermano Ozoria's grandson)

Me & Hermana Hilbun with new converts, Wildin and Maxo from Haiti
and Hermano Ozoria at his house

Aleisha (Hermano Ozoria's granddaughter) & Me

February 27, 1844

La Puerta del Conde (The Count's Gate)
The site where the founding fathers proclaimed independence 
and raised the first Dominican Flag

Statues of the 3 Dominican Republic Founding Fathers
Left to Right:  Francisco de Rosario Sanchez,
Juan Pablo Duarte and Ramon Matias Mella

Me at La Puerta del Conde

The 3 Founding Fathers

Beautiful  parade girls

More Photos of La Puerta del Conde

Familia Mojica & Franci

Familia Rijo

Pablo and Yovanni, investigators

La Ramona Districts

I never get tired of the beautiful Dominican Skies

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