Tuesday, April 14, 2015

4/13/2015 What a Beautiful Week.

Pablo was baptized! I feel so blessed to have seen his conversion process from the start. I remember the first day we met Pablo. He was broken physically, from his motorcycle accident, and spiritually from a long stream of very hard trials. I remember the first day we taught him. He was so sad. He wasn’t sure if God existed, but he decided to pray and ask God for himself. He received an answer, and since then has moved forward with unfailing faith. Willing to do whatever it was that God would have him do. 

I remember the first Sunday after we taught Pablo we got to church and there he was. We asked him how he got there since he had a cast up his entire leg. He had crutched the almost mile walk to the church building. From that day on he has never looked back. He continues to face very hard trials, but he is being healed by the atonement of Jesus Christ.

Being able to teach Pablo has been such a testimony builder for me. The atoning power of our Savior Jesus Christ has no limits. If we can just have faith in him, he will work miracles in our lives. Maybe we can’t see it right now, but before we know it we will look back and stand all amazed at the Lord´s grace.

Had you asked me back in January if I thought Pablo would have been able to overcome all of his challenges and be baptized, I believe I would have had my doubts. But here we are. I have learned from this experience to never doubt the power of the Savior. To expect miracles. To always have faith that the Savior can change any situation or heart.

I love you guys! Have a fabulous week! I invite you all to exercise your faith in Christ. To follow His commandments more completely, then to pray to your Heavenly Father and pray for strength and for His grace, to pray to become more like His son. I know your prayers will be answered. Mine have countless times, and I know God loves all of His children.


Hermana Hansen

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